Saturday, June 25, 2016

Discovering Sophie By: Cindy Roland Anderson

Back of the Book

Sophie Kendrick’s father has gone missing in the jungles of Costa Rica. Desperate for answers to his whereabouts, she decides to search for him herself. She hires Jack Mathison to guide her through the jungle, but the two of them seem to be at odds from the moment they meet. Sophie finds Jack conceited, sarcastic and, worse, very good-looking. He is totally not her type, so how could she possibly be attracted to him? 
Likewise, Jack can’t wait to be rid of Sophie and her optimistic outlook. Seriously, how could someone be that nice? Jack isn’t looking for a relationship, and finds the electrifying chemistry between the two of them completely annoying. His job is to lead Sophie to a remote village deep inside the rainforest—her father’s last known location. Still, the jungle is a dangerous place and Jack does everything in his power to protect Sophie, but who will protect his heart? 

My Thoughts

Discovering Sophie is an entertaining, adventurous and clean novel.  Anderson has a way to educate you on some of the not-so-great aspects of taking a women into a jungle and remote villages without dwelling on them and ruining the wonderful romance brewing.  I loved Hector, one of the  side characters with his unwavering kindness and devotion.  Sophie is competent and determined while Jack is stubborn and brooding.  The two make a perfect combination of entertainment and tension which only leads to a sweet romance.

Looking for a clean, entering romance, look no further then Discovering Sophie.

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